Partial Client/Collaboration List:

  • Moink

  • The Cocoa Exchange

  • Mars, Incorporated

  • Dove Chocolate Discoveries

  • Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

  • Makotos

  • Absolutely Natural

  • Zoey Organics

  • Soulfully Sweet

  • Red Lane Spa, Sandals

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Suzanne Clements

Some like to take the easy road, others prefer the path less travelled. I am a fan of the latter - I thrive on challenge, detail, and problem solving. It’s that passion that makes me crave the right shot, right set, and most mouth-watering styling. Food photography is not a simple path from idea to execution - it’s an exploration and often a collaboration. When I first began to explore this type of work I knew it would make for an epic creative journey from my first attempts at lighting, to the way I continue to push myself creatively today. I am always exploring and I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning. 

When I’m not in the kitchen or the studio you’ll find me happily collecting my share of sand and dirt out on the mountain bike trails in Central Florida. To me there is no better feeling than the rush you get from a job well done...except maybe the rush of rolling along a beautifully flowing trail with some happy jumps and berms in a beautiful wooded setting.

Location: My studio is based in Palm Bay, Florida just south of Cocoa Beach and east of Orlando, though I shoot for clients all over the US.

Reach Out Directly: suzanne.clements@gmail.com • (321) 385-7899

A little fun with Q & A

Last indulgence?
Probably any mountain bike-related purchase, genuinely, all you need is the bike and basic clothes, but having gear that makes you feel good? Even better. I’m also pretty sure it makes your bike faster if your jersey feels swank. ;)

Last vacation?
I think the last legit vacation was when we traveled during sabbatical several years ago. We got to see so many beautiful and exciting places from exploring the rugged south island of New Zealand to snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef and seeing the AUS Open in Australia, or visiting historical relics in Italy and Greece where my friend Helen took us to see Poseidon’s Temple for dinner and sunset, hooking up with photographer friends in Barcelona, taking in the sights at Stone Henge, trying haggis and falling in love with the Highlands in Scotland, castle-hopping with my friend Andy in Northumberland, tipping back a pint of the black stuff in Dublin, or simply being in awe of the beauty that Switzerland offers at every turn. We’re coming up on another sabbatical soon and looking forward to it!

Last music purchase?
6 years ago, Daft Punk’s Random Access Memory. It really appealed to the “Disco Sue” in me. It’s also forever trapped in my car’s CD player, so… there. These days I stream all the music all the time and pay no allegiance to any one band or genre.

Last time you danced?
I’m pretty sure I dance at every victory no matter how small. Reinstall of my software is a success? Time to boogie! Wrap of a photo shoot? Time for the Rocky Theme Song! Did a killer job flossing? Fist pump!

Last TV obsession?
Leftovers? Fleabag? Baskets? Louie Anderson is amazing as Christine Baskets in Baskets… you are doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t seen it. And there’s something magical and haunting about Leftovers, I’m watching the whole thing over again it was just so good.

Favorite cocktail?
I was never really a cocktail kind of gal. Craft beer would have been my pick and went really well with a rough and tumble day of mountain biking.

Last home improvement?
Kitchen renovation… *gasp* we are not worthy of it and I will most definitely destroy it in time, but for now, it’s beautiful.

Current hero or inspiration?
All the youth activists who are fighting to make a difference around the world. I hope they never lose their passion to adulthood cynicism.

If not a photographer by profession, then what?

Practical answer:
Something compelling that doesn’t belong in an office all the time. I used to think anthropology would be pretty cool (I even got an A in it back in college), though I know it’s a tough job and not nearly as glamorous as Indiana Jones portrayed it. ;)

Impractical answer:
Treasure hunter! Why not? In this imaginary scenario I spend heaps of time outdoors, I’m awesome at my job, and I get to travel the world. Yep, sounds perfect.

What was the last thing you laughed about?
Just how frequently, randomly, and yes, artistically I find wet swimsuits and discarded underpants strewn about my house when we have company enjoying the pool.


Working with Suzanne is an absolute pleasure – from a practical standpoint, she’s highly organized and always ahead of deadline. On the creative side, she’s equally outstanding. She has a way of bringing my vision into perfect focus and executing something that is significantly more beautiful than I was expecting at the beginning of the project.
— Rebecca Hruska, Marketing Manager, Dove Chocolate Discoveries
I have commissioned Suzanne for many different food photography projects over the past 8 years, and not only is her work amazing, but she is also a delight to work with. Her skill with a lens is a bar none!
— Lucinda Clark, Moink President & Owner
Her photos are the best in industry and her creativity is best-in-class. We have worked on all types of projects – from catalog shots, packaging photography, product shots and to more abstract photos that represent the flavors of the products we are making. Suzanne also has an amazing eye for product styling and editing. Our product sales have soared because of the amazing photos – we could not do it without her!
— Dan Abel Jr., VP, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company